Monday, February 23, 2015

Passing On Wind?

Here is a link below on a story about wind turbines in the Province of Ontario. As I am currently in Thunder Bay, I was called on to help out with the story and do camera work for the lawyer, Julian Falconer, interview. Paul Bliss, the reporter from CTV Toronto called in via speaker phone and conducted the interview that way. I recorded the b roll and interview. It was a busy shoot though. I was on a bus at 9, shot some b roll of Thunder Bay until about 945, was setup and ready to go with the interview starting shortly after 10. At 10:30 I was back on a bus, where I was downloading and converting my footage, on my way to the college. There I edited down the clip to the required portion and started the transfer to CTV in Toronto. All this and I made it to the 11:30 class with time to spare. So that is a little of what went into the behind the scenes creation of this story and I hope you enjoy it!

CTV Toronto Wind Turbine Story

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